Oh my God! It’s here and it’s out to get us all! Run for your lives!
Uhm, okay. I’m exaggerating. But Google’s latest move, is it really a bad thing? Well, if you have been living under the Internet rock for the past couple of days, then you might have missed the big announcement - Google will be launchingChrome. And Chrome, ladies and gentlegeeks, is Google’s very own web browser. Yup, that’s Google’s way of kicking Mozilla in the nuts then saying FU to Internet Explorer. Safari and Opera are there to watch too.

To help us understand what’s the big deal with Chrome, Google was kind enough to make this comic that explains all the goodies Google engineers have packed into this thing.
A sort of run-down - a streamlined look that wouldn’t distract you from the page, an isolated “sandbox” (meaning each tab is its own app) to prevent one tab from crashing the other just in case something f-ed up happens, and a more powerful JavaScript engine for next generation web apps. This will also mean that the offline feature for many of Google’s services might just be a corner away. Imagine Google Docs running offline. Oooh, Microsoft will definitely feel that.
My take on it? Well, I have to update my take over a couple of days using it. It is streamlined and is quite a bit faster than my Firefox (probably because this doesn’t have any plug-ins load) and my Firefox has a lot running.
Too bad this baby is only available on Beta for Windows XP and Vista only.