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воскресенье, 29 марта 2009 г.

How to Use Feng Shui to Have a Relaxing Workplace

 Not everyone believes in Eastern medicine philosophy, but if it does not do harm, then they are perhaps worth trying. In this case, why not try to incorporate a little feng shui (the Chinese practice of “arranging objects to achieve harmony with one’s environment”) to achieve peace in the office?
Re-arrange your desk so that you won’t have to sit with your back to the door. Always stay in a room where you can see the door or entrance/exit ways. This is because you need to be in a “command position,” or a position where you feel in control of your environment. Being always wary will decrease your productivity levels, and which in turn causes stress and anxiety.

Utilize natural light as much as possible, or simulate it with bio bulbs. This helps increase energy levels.
If you are to place plants in the office, choose those with round leaves. Avoid plants with pointed leaves as they create disharmony. This principle goes with furniture and furnishings. Soften furniture edges with fabrics and drapes.
Color also affects mood and energy so try and keep in mind that red is a good color to inject energy bursts in the room, but too much can heighten tempers. Yellow and orange are colors of communication as they stimulate the mind. Red, yellow, and orange can be brought in a room through decorations such as glass decors and paintings. Green and purple symbolizes wealth and is good for stores and other businesses. Plants and drapes can be colored as such. Blue, which is a good color for the ceiling, can also lift energy.

Fashion Feng Shui 101

 The Chinese has brought us a lot of things - noodles, paper, stir fry, Confucianism, The Art of War, etc… Oh yeah, and feng sui. Ever thought you can do feng shui with what you wear? Read on the following lines and see if you can add luck to your life, while still being your fashionable self. You can never have too much good luck!

Ever heard of chi? Chi is your energy field which emanates from you and projects to your surroundings. Your chi greatly affects your thoughts and feelings. It also guides your interaction with other people. It is believed that your chi is partly determined by the clothes that you wear, particularly the material, color and pattern. What is believed to be good clothing material consists of cotton, silk, linen, wool and leather. It is important that wool and leather should not be tight and touch the skin.
Bad clothing material consists of synthetic fabric. Clothing made of synthetic fabric is believed to prevent the natural flow of energy to and from your energy field. It is also believed to have a bad effect on your interaction with other people. Synthetic clothing material is said to cause physical and emotional risks.
Yin and Yang. Yang refers to the positive aspect of things. Since leather, wool and silk all come from animals, they all have yang characteristics which translates to action, organization and dynamism. Would you rather get yin energy instead? This energy would come from cotton and linen which are derived from plants. These materials bring forth communication, creativity, and sensitivity.
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