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вторник, 16 июня 2009 г.

Tech News: Windows Vista Updates 5 Words in Dictionary for 56MB

 My friendly neighborhood Vista Update Manager has prompted me again to update my system. But one thing caught my eye - What was that 56 MB update that is considered important? Better be good.
Microsoft, apparently, has language issues and if you’re one who is pissed off that “Obama” isn’t recognized by Vista’s dictionary then you better apply theKB955020 update fast! Aside from pleasing Mr. Barack and the whole Democratic party, the update would also stop the Vista from discriminating against four other words, namely “Friendster,” “Klum,” “Nazr,” and “Racicot.”
Sure, that’s quite fine. But check out the size of that damn thing. Theoretically, you’re just embedding a few characters into the dictionary. Should be just a few bytes, right? But no, the update is a whopping 56.4 MB! Makes you wonder how efficient that patch is. Reading the knowledge base leads you to the explanation - it replaces your whole dictionary with update ones. So you’re basically downloading the dictionary - again!
There should be a reason why it should considered an update that should be delivered in patches. You don’t mend a tear by replacing the whole thing.
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