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пятница, 21 августа 2009 г.

Windows Tip: Remove Text from Desktop Icons

Okay, so for more than a week, we haven’t featured any tech updates here. I’m really disappointed that Firefox 3 will only be released in June. I want to get my mitts on it but I’m quite hesitant to feature the Beta versions. Anyway, here’s another Windows tip for you. This one is even shorter than what I feature for screencasts so no screencasts for now (Besides, I have a wee bit of a sore throat right now).
It’s a quick how-to on removing text from desktop icons and this works for both XP and Vista.
 1. Select the icon from which you want to remove text
2. Press F2 to rename No Text Icon 2
3. Press Alt + 255 (Enable Num Lock if you’re working on a laptop.) This will replace the text with a space much like putting for HTML (one thing you can’t do with the spacebar).
4. Hit Enter or click on the icon. No Text Icon 4
5. To make other icons’ text labels disappear, you must add another space. Thus, for the second icon you press Alt + 255 + 255.
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