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пятница, 25 декабря 2009 г.

Firefox Quick Tip: Scramble Your Keystrokes with KeyScrambler

A must install when working on shared and public terminals (provided that you can install Firefox add-ons). Keyloggers often target web browsers since it’s that particular interface where a lot of user authentication happens. Well sure, some jealous husbands and wives install them to check whether their respective spouses are cheating on them but if you are ever so loyal, then you should be more concerned with keyloggers making records of your online transactions. KeyScrambler is a Firefox add-on that scrambles your keystrokes in the kernel driver level then decrypts them at the browser level. Keyloggers often situate themselves somewhere in between these levels. With KeyScrambler, keyloggers would just record gibberish. Download KeyScrambler Firefox add-on here. There’s also an IE and Flock add-on available and there’s also the Premium and Professional that offers a chock-full more goodies like support for other browsers, password manager link-ups, online poker, and MS Office support. Visit their homepage for more info.
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