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воскресенье, 7 февраля 2010 г.

Find Moments of Peace through Meditation

What do we all want most aside from all the material things we think we want? Every person no matter what status in life, knows that there is only one thing needed to achieve happiness in this life, and that would be being at peace with yourself and the world. If you had a good job, a happy marriage, and good health would you say you are in peace? Sometimes stability doesn’t equate to peace. Sometimes it could just be a few moments without worries. Try meditation.
There is a growing number of people who are finding meaning in religion or philosophy. Troubled people seek shelter and comfort in faith and understanding. As with many belief systems and philosophies, meditation is a key exercise. Some call it prayer, some call it silent time. Meditation helps by clearing your mind of the troubles and worries.
Meditation and relaxation. Close your eyes and make slow and deep breaths. Feel as the rush of air fill your lungs and be in one with this process. Breathe constantly, keeping your pace as natural as you can. Feel every exhale as well as inhale, as the carbon dioxide gets out of your body, being replaced by oxygen going through your nose, and carried out to all parts of your body. Be conscious of the warmth that is brought by the carbon dioxide on its way out of you.

среда, 3 февраля 2010 г.

How to Make Effective Business Phone Calls

Being good in your job requires a lot of hard work. It’s about submitting the most comprehensive report, shining during business meetings, being able to meet your deadlines, and having good presentation skills. Equally important as these competencies is your ability to conduct effective business phone calls.
Phone calls can be very useful tools in developing your business. It’s a communication process which can contribute a lot to your business if you know how to make every phone call work for your objectives.
Business phone calls should be according to a set schedule. If you feel like you just want to pick up your phone and dial your business partner’s number without looking at your watch or your calendar, think again.
Just like meetings, your phone calls have to respect the other party’s time. Calls that are either too early or too late are plain rude, and a business phone call when the person is on his day off is just as rude. If you’re making invites through phone calls for an organized event, make sure you’re calling during office hours. Avoid making business calls during lunchtime and weekends.
Prepare your database. Making phone calls should be the next step after you have completed your database. When you call for business, you should know the name and designation of the person you wish to talk to, and you have to know the name and nature of the company.
There have been instances where I have received business phone calls from people who don’t know who to talk to, who don’t have a clue what company they’re calling, and who aren’t ready about their phone call agenda. Don’t waste the other person’s time by stammering. Use your database as a reference so your phone calls will be brief, professional and successful.
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