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вторник, 11 мая 2010 г.

So You Want to Take on Hollywood?

 So you want a star on the boulevard, huh? Well we can’t tell you how to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (though lots of good money for plastic surgery might help), but we have some smart-pants ideas on how you can start acting like one. First, you have to have the look. What look? THE look. Face a mirror and find the teensiest resemblance of James Dean. If you found that angle, hold on to it because you’re halfway there. Now try an angry face, a sad face, and a happy face. Do you look convincing?
Body, fashion, and face. Get ready to be scintillating. Ever took a close look, nay, an examination and more like an analysis of those magazine pages of male models? Ask yourself this question: Why are they super hot? (ok, that sounded gay…) Hint: You may notice that all of them has clear skin, sexy smile and a fit bod! Noting these things, you now know where you need to work on. Body: check. Clothes: check. Face (that doesn’t look like Chewbacca): check.
While many might argue that acting skills would get you ahead of the pack, well… Case in point: Jessica Alba.
Act one: Be one. Being an actor does not stop with looking oh-so-good. Remember that acting first and foremost your chosen profession. That means alongside all the vanity, discipline is the top requirement. Your journey towards being an icon will be lost if you do more partying than working.
Take acting classes. Sure you believe you’re a born pro. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere! And enrolling in an acting class will give you exposure and training which you can use later on to catapult your way to stardom. Plus, you never know who you might be sharing lines with. You might be discussing homework with the next Meryll Streep.
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