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четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

How to Deal with Press Interviews

 No, we’re not talking about job interviews.
At some point in time you will be required to conduct interviews, and perhaps you already have. Interviews are good resource for research. But we know you have already read so much about holding interviews. What you probably haven’t read much about, is how to be when you’re the one who’s being interviewed. Want to be a pro interviewee? Here’s how.

The moment you are contacted about an interview, ask questions. The things you have to know prior your interview are: what’s the interview about, what’s the interview for, and where is it going to be published. Interviews are released to the public, so you should be very careful about what you say and knowing the answers to these questions will guide you on how to answer the questions which will be thrown at you.
Depending on the nature of the interview, you can be as chatty or as brief as you want to be but remember that you can always choose to not comment. Veteran interviewers can be so wily that they can twist their questions to get you to comment. Before your interview, remember the things that are supposed to remain undisclosed so that you won’t slip when the interviewers try to trap you into making comments you might regret later on.
Avoid using jargon and language which might be intimidating. Of course you want to come across as intelligent, but on top of everything, you want to be understood. This is also why knowing where your interview will be published or used for will help you determine how you can convey your message in the most effective way.

понедельник, 25 апреля 2011 г.

Windows Tip: Vista Performance and Tuning Guide from Microsoft

 Would you look at that? Microsoft suddenly came up with their own take on tweaking Windows Vista. As if we need their help now after all of this time all the other OS gurus have been helping us figure out a thing or two to make their darned OS do our bidding without flashing its Blue Screen of Death.
Just a few days ago, they’ve released this 14-page guide to tune Windows Vista. It’s available as PDF and XPS and is free for download.
Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in this document:
  • Making configuration changes that help a computer feel more responsive when you use it.
  • Using hardware to boost the actual physical speed of a computer.
  • Making configuration changes that help a computer to start faster.
  • Making the computer more reliable may help increase performance.
  • Monitoring performance occasionally so that you can stop problems before they get too big.
I’d have to admit that this guide is probably for the newbies to Windows. Experienced users might consider this a waste of time since most of the “tweaks” featured here are often part of routine set-up and maintenance.
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