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среда, 7 марта 2012 г.

Download: Encrypt Important Files with TrueCrypt

Speaking of sensitive data that you have in your computer. If you feel that you need some protection to your private files and data, then do encrypt them. Most of the time, when I hear about someone who got his/her laptop stolen, the first thing they worry about is the data. Only the expense and sentimental value of the laptop comes second. I even heard of one story where the stolen laptop contained what could be the next “scandal” to be posted on the Internet.
While this will not deter the feds to pick through your data (in fact, it might only raise suspicion), this provides you a lot of security when it comes to your run-of-the-mill unauthorized access. And probably the most popular free encrypting software out there is TrueCrypt. I have personally been using it for quite some time now though I guess it’s only now that I get to feature it here.
TrueCrypt is a cross-platform (Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux) on-the-fly encryption software that allows you to create file containers (which act like your mountable ISO files for virtual drives) or even encrypt whole drives and disks (including removable USB storage devices), store files in them, that you can protect with a password and custom encryption algorithms that even versed hackers would frown upon.
What’s great about it is that you need not be a hardcore geek to use it. Creating virtual volumes or encrypting whole devices can be made through a step-by-step wizard. Each step is accompanied by very helpful information so be sure to read everything before proceeding.
To view contents of the encrypted virtual volume or device, all you have to do is mount it via TrueCrypt, provide the password, and you can treat the volume/device like any other storage. The program decrypts data real-time via memory so that you minimize digital footprints in your computer.

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