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пятница, 18 июля 2014 г.

Firefox News: Firefox 4 About:Config Changes May Void Warranty

Wow. It has really been a very long time since I have posted anything Firefox, or anything tech for that matter. And with Firefox 4 Release Candidate 1 available to the public, this only means that we might just be back in business doing daily Firefox Quick Tips.

But wait, how about some interesting quirks with Firefox 4. A lot of the tips we posted here on LifeSpy regarding tweaking Firefox involved surgically dissecting (and modifying) the about:config page. But lo and behold, though, the guys over at Mozilla think that a caveat is in order. Just take a look at the warning before FF4 lets you inside its internal configuration:
And who knew Firefox came in with a warranty? They should start issuing warranty cards with every download.
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