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среда, 11 ноября 2015 г.

How to make a man go Corr

Soap beauties star in new video

THESE three fit Corrie babes are acting all trim and proper—as the stars of a sexy new workout video.

Nikki Sanderson, Tina O'Brien and Lucy-Jo Hudson reveal the secret of their fabulous figures, and how the rest of us can look the part too, in Coronation Street—Funk Fit.
In the hour-long DVD and vid, which hits the shops tomorrow, the girls, who play Candice Stowe, Sarah Platt and Katy Harris, team up with Troy the trainer, who puts them through their paces with a series of funky dance routines.
Nikki, 20, said: "We had great fun filming, but it was hard work."
Lucy-Jo, 21, added: "We had to do the routine time and again to get it perfect, so I was shattered." Tina, 22, admitted she's a member of a gym—but never actually goes.
"I can't motivate myself," she said. "It seems like such a hassle after a long day at work.
"That's why we thought this video would be good. People can work out in their own homes without having to drag themselves off to a gym."
All the girls say they love exercising and all aim to improve one part of their bodies.
Nikki wants to firm up the tops of her legs and her bottom. Lucy-Jo said: "I want a six pack."
And Tina? "I want a toned belly and better posture," she said.
Soap fans reckon they're a fine body of women already.
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