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вторник, 12 июля 2016 г.

MOVIE hunk Jude Law and his Hollywood dream girl Nicole Kidman

Jude's secret date with Nic

MOVIE hunk Jude Law and his Hollywood dream girl Nicole Kidman had yet ANOTHER secret date in London this week.
The hush-hush rendezvous was organised like a military operation with dummy manoeuvres and decoy restaurant bookings to throw fans and starwatchers off the scent.
But with still-married Jude now telling pals he's "madly in love" with Nicole it takes more than a cat-and-mouse game to beat the News of the World.

And at 8.35 on Friday night Jude, 30, was spotted jumping from a black London cab and sliding into the private members-only Brydges Place club, tucked away near Trafalgar Square.
Five minutes later 35-year-old Nicole arrived, mingling with tourists and then slipping through the door.
A source close to Jude said: "They were desperate for people not to find out they were having dinner together.
"They tried making reservations at other places to cover their tracks before settling for a table at the club.
"And it turned out to be a very enjoyable, relaxing dinner with wine...and Jude felt really close to Nicole.
"When they decided to leave, Nicole thought they had better go separately."
So at 12.25am on Saturday Nicole walked out with her head down and jumped straight into a waiting car.
Just three minutes later Jude emerged and spotted our photographer. He tried to run back inside but it was too late.

Surprisingly, for a man who earns a fortune appearing in front of the lens, he didn't look best pleased!
This is the third time the pair have met up since starring together in the yet-to-be-released romantic movie Cold Mountain last year.
In February we revealed how they met up secretly at a London house for an hour.
Then just three weeks ago Jude flew out to New York for a long weekend and saw Nicole again at the Mercer Kitchen restaurant.
This latest date comes as Jude has confessed to friends that he has fallen deeply in love with the former Mrs Tom Cruise.
At the same time he has told his 37-year-old wife Sadie that he wants a divorce and custody of their three children.
The couple split earlier this year after Sadie was admitted to hospital in a suicide scare.
One of Jude's pals revealed: "He's pining for Nicole. He fell madly for her on the movie and felt she was drawn to him, too.

But she apparently knocked him back. Jude told me he believes that was because she would have looked really bad and it could jeopardise her career and the Oscars.
"But since splitting from Sadie his feelings have grown stronger and things seem to be getting serious. He's constantly in touch with Nicole by phone and he says he can't get her out of his head.
"He says she's the perfect woman— so beautiful, powerful and a great actress—and how he respects her in every way.

Jude even carries a picture of her around with him like a teenager. It's so sweet. He's started writing her poetry, too.
"Nicole flew in at the beginning of the week and was staying at her favourite hotel, The Dorchester.
"She and Jude spoke to each other nearly every day by phone but didn't meet up until Friday night.
"Nicole was here to do some voice-overs for Cold Mountain. But of course she wanted to see Jude too.
"They were so worried about meeting up in public in case they got noticed. He'll be furious he got caught out but I think deep down he expects things like this because it's part of being famous."
Meanwhile Sadie was looking glum this week as Jude spent time taking their kids to the park.
A close friend of Sadie explained: "She has some good days and some bad days.
"She knows the marriage is over but is trying to get her head around it. She still loves Jude but knows she has to carry on with her life and that he'll always be a part of it because he's the father of her children.
"Before her marriage problems Sadie had committed herself to writing a children's book about deafness, to be endorsed by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People.
"She has a huge heart and her aim was to raise awareness of the issues among children. This came about because she has a profoundly deaf nephew.

Trevor MacDonald had negotiated to make a documentary on the project and Sadie's situation but her lawyers advised against it because of the divorce proceedings now under way.
"This is the first time Sadie's ever admitted she is definitely getting divorced and that the lawyers are in negotiation and working out terms.
"It's a clear nod that she and Jude have given up on any reconciliation and it's just a matter of time before they're no longer man and wife. It's very sad."

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