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четверг, 18 августа 2016 г.

Best Freeware List

Lifehacker pointed out a freeware list, and in the comments of the site that they point out, there is a link to Neowin’s Freeware list which has some updates, and so that is the one I am going to recommend to you all now. Check out Neowin’s Freeware list if you are looking for free alternatives to your favorite programs.
Now, looking at the list, you are probably feeling swamped with choices, and so I am going to throw out my recommendations from most of the categories in the list. Feel free to try out the ones I list, or any of the ones in Neowin’s Freeware list, as they are all great pieces of free software.
3D Graphics - Blender
Anti-Virus - AVG
Anti Spyware - Microsoft AntiSpyware
Audio Players - Winamp
Audio Tools - Audacity
Compression / Decompression - 7-zip
Desktop Enhancements - Konfabulator
Download managers - LeechGet
FTP Clients - SmartFTP
FTP Servers FileZilla
Image viewers - Irfanview
Instant Messengers - Google Talk
Internet Explorer Front-Ends - Avantbrowser
Mail programs - Thunderbird
Network Tools - WinSCP
Office Suite -
Programming - Crimson Editor
Pop-up Blockers - Google Toolbar
Video codecs - XviD
Video players - BsPlayer
Video tools - TMPGEnc
Web browsers - Firefox

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