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пятница, 19 августа 2016 г.

Cost Cutting Tips For Your Wedding

Weddings are suppose to be a happy time, but for some people getting the bill can be all it takes to turn a wedding into more of a negative experience. The following are some tips anyone can use to help cut the costs of their wedding.
The Dress
Besides the couple getting married, the dress is the centerpiece of the wedding. If you want to cut costs and still have your dress look nice, try buying it off the Internet instead of at a salon. Sure you won’t know how it fits, but you will most likely have to make alterations to any dress you buy anyway. Also remember extra lace and beads up the price, as do yards and yards of fabric.
The Invitations
Avoid using large or odd shaped invitations to cut down on the postage costs. Also, opting for a simple, elegant card and font instead of custom ink or embellished cards will save money. When it comes to invitations, keeping it simple will always cost less.
If you want roses you will be paying the most for flowers. You can by Dahlias for $3-$4 less a stem. Other flowers like lilies, orchids and daisies look nice at wedding and cost much less.
If you want to hire photographers and videographers, try and only hire them for the ceremony. Also try and avoid opting for special finishes on the photos. As for the video, only hire one camera and think twice before getting it over-edited. Some editing it usually necessary (no one wants to see a three hour long wedding video) but try and keep it at a minimum. Lastly, if you have to hire someone, take from your local area, as you can save a great deal of money by using an independant filmmaker over a professional wedding filmmaker.

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