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среда, 17 августа 2016 г.

Dating Tips: Cheap Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s day is looming and you might have some issues on what to do with your date. Fancy dates can make your wallet cry and dinner-date-and-a-movie are too common to make it work (unless you put some spin into it). So what are some date ideas that are cheap but wouldn’t make you look cheap (oh the cliche!). Here are a few ideas:
  • Candlelight dinner at home - This wouldn’t cost you much. That is, if you have some mad cooking skills to boot. This may also sound passe but this works. Put on that apron. Whip up your specialty (Or if you can’t cook better buy some roast chicken, that’d work). Surprise her at the door with some flowers. Chill a good bottle of wine. Pop on some slow music for some dancing afterwards.
  • Picnic by the lake (provided that you live somewhere where it isn’t icy cold during February) - Or some place clear enough to watch the sky. Your typical picnic gear. You can cuddle and wait for some cheesy falling star to pass by.
  • Ice skating (for those who live where it’s chilly in February) - Put on those ice skates. Skate with your special friend. Get some hot cocoa after.
  • Pizza and fajitas - Try a group date with couple friends. Get a movie or play some board games.
If you’re pretty suave yourself, then you could think of many other ways to go out on Valentine’s. Just remember, too many frills and you might just mess it up. Simple and sweet always works.

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