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среда, 17 августа 2016 г.

How to Recharge through Power Naps

Who ever said that napping in the office is for slackers? Surely it depends on when and how you take your naps. But after pulling a late night in the office last night, how will you be able to muster enough strength to get through another day? And the rising competitive nature of the workplace wouldn’t allow you to just let your guard down, requiring you to put in more man hours. But with today’s higher stress levels you have to get your energy up all the time. One good way to do so, is through power nap.
Power nap is a term coined by psychologist James Maas for 15-25 minute naps that you take as supplement for sleep-deprived people. The short duration prevents you from entering deep sleep. A longer and deeper sleep will only cause you to be groggy because of sleep inertia (which is avoided with power naps). It can be done during lunch and coffee breaks!
Power naps are said to help improve memory functions. So when you’re getting too dull to work from the lack of sleep, power naps give your brain cells a bit of time to recuperate in between tasks.
So the next time you pull an all-nighter, try to doze off for 20 minutes during lunch break. You’ll feel much better and mentally rested. Just remember to set a fairly loud alarm clock to jolt you back to reality.

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