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понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

I'm Harry Potter girl..but only for a spell

Magic dies off-screen
I'm Harry's girl..but only for a spell
MEET the sassy sorceress who sends Harry potty.
Pretty Katie Leung plays the teen wizard's first love, Cho Chang, in new Harry Potter film The Goblet Of Fire.
The 18-year-old Scottish actress is the first to share an on-screen kiss with Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, 16.
But even though the young wizard falls deeply in love with her in the multi-million-pound blockbuster, Katie says the magic went out with a puff as soon as the cameras stopped rolling!
She told News of the World: "I would never go for him in real life.
"He is too young for me and anyway I don't have much time for boyfriends."
Katie, from Motherwell, is making her acting debut in the film, the fourth in the series inspired by JK Rowling's best-selling books. And despite not falling for Daniel's charms, she is full of praise for the schoolboy star. "I love Dan to bits," she said. "He is so down to earth it's unbelievable. You would never think he plays the most famous boy in the world.
"He never acts like he has such a big role and he was brilliant to work with. He works really hard on set—he never lets anyone down.
"He has the coolest role in the world playing the most famous wizard. Nothing can beat that!"
Katie—who beat 5,000 rivals to land the part of Cho—is just one of four new faces set for stardom thanks to The Goblet Of Fire, out on November 17. Robert Pattinson in the role of Cedric Diggory, Stanislav Ianevski (above left), who plays Viktor Krum, and Clemence Poesy as Fleur Delacour are set to hit the big time.
And Katie—who has signed up for the fifth film, Order Of The Phoenix—revealed that she is already receiving fan mail by the cauldron-load.
She said: "I get loads of mail and the film hasn't even come out yet.
"Everyone is very supportive, although I have had a few letters from girls who are a bit jealous.
"But most are really lovely—I love it when they write that I am just how they imagined me to be after reading the book. And it's very flattering to have letters from boys telling me I'm pretty. I never really thought I was particularly." Another boy who just can't get enough of pretty girls is her co-star Robert Pattinson (above right). He plays Harry's love rival Cedric Diggory and is already well on the way to becoming a teen pin-up.
Rob, 20, told us: "I get letters from around the world, but the ones from 18-year-old Brazilian girls are the ones I get most excited about!
"Some of them send me photos of themselves and I must say there is a lot to be said for Latin women."
Rob, whose character meets a tragic end in the latest movie, said the best thing about starring in the film was getting to meet his heroes. "I loved Michael Gambon who plays Dumbledore," he said. "I have always admired him as an actor so to actually be in the same room as him was sometimes a bit intimidating.
"And I wish Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) had more lines in this movie as he is incredible.
"He did everything his way which I loved. After each take the director would suggest he did it a different way and Alan would always politely refuse. It was his way or the highway."
On his co-stars, Robert says Clemence Poesy is very "cool". He has also become great chums with Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski. Stan, who plays a quidditch superstar, had only ever acted in a couple of school plays before he landed the role of Krum—and couldn't make the original audition because he had a school exam. "I thought I had blown my chances," he said. "I had virtually forgotten about it when I was contacted again. I got the part immediately."
The 20-year-old's character falls for swotty witch Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson.
Sultry Clemence, 24, playing haughty student Fleur Delacour, was also plucked from obscurity.
The French actress told us: "Fleur is a bit snobby—the kind of girl I used to hate at school!"
Tonight the four will attend the celebrity premiere in London. All admit to being nervous.
Katie said: "I have a load of dresses to choose from and I can't decide which one to wear. I think it will be a last-minute choice. I'm so nervous, I really want to look special."
Don't fret, Katie. You'll look bewitching whatever you wear.

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