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понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

Lock up your daughters, Gary Lucy about

By: Rachel Spencer
MODEL Natasha Savage was never going to come quietly the night Bill star Gary Lucy ordered her back to his hotel.
But after a night of non-stop passion with the actor—about to make his debut in the telly cop drama—it was stunning Natasha who ended up laying down the law.
She revealed: "The sex was mind-blowing and we worked through every position you could think of. I thought it would never end.

"Gary wanted more and more but I was absolutely shattered. So when he went to the loo I took my chance and pulled on my clothes and legged it out of the room.
"My last memory of Gary is him standing naked at the bedroom door holding on to his bits and yelling at me to come back."
Former Footballers' Wives star Gary, 24, is back on our screens next month as PC Will Fletcher in ITV1's The Bill. He arrives on a motorbike and is set to become the stud on Sun Hill.
And Gary—who was single at the time—was on his best womanising form when he met Natasha at Jumpin Jaks nightclub in Dunstable, Beds.
Natasha, 23, recalled: "My friend had her photo taken at the end of the night with Gary and he invited us all back to his hotel.
"When we got there he looked at me and patted the bed and said, ‘I want you to come here and sit down next to me'.
"We talked and had a bit of a laugh and he started stroking my leg and kissing me.
"My pals took that as their cue to leave. Then Gary turned on the charm and I couldn't resist.
"In no time he'd whipped off my jeans and slipped out of his shirt and trousers and we were under the covers.
"When I saw him naked I just gasped."
Pretty soon she was gasping even louder as superstud Gary—who once famously bedded NINE girls in one night at a hotel in Sheffield—got to work. Natasha, from Dunstable, continued: "He kissed me and licked me all over.
"Gary's gorgeous, he's got a six-pack, nice muscly arms and is blessed in the trouser department too.
"After a few minutes he told me to get up and stand by the wall. Then he came over and picked me up and we started doing it standing up.
"He must have very strong thighs because he kept going for ages."
During a break in the marathon romp the impressed model decided to compliment Gary on his stamina between the sheets. But his cocky reply left her stunned.

She continued: "I told him that I'd had a great time in bed and he turned to me and said, ‘Well I have to be good in case you go to the papers'.
"It was then I realised it would only be a one-night stand. I realised that if I hung around I'd end up feeling really cheap. So I decided to cut my losses and go."
Since their meeting in September 2002 Gary has settled down with a serious girlfriend, model Natasha Gray, 26, and became a dad to India Jasmine Lucy in August.
But the other Natasha still has fond memories of a wilder Gary. She said: "I'm glad he's calmed down and is happy. But whenever I see him on the telly I just picture him with his kit off, shouting out my name. It makes me giggle."
Should have told her she has the right to remain silent, Gary!

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