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понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

Michelle Collins dumped two months before marriage

By Jane Atkinson
ACTRESS Michelle Collins has been dumped by fiancé Parry Cockwell—just two months before they were set to marry, the News of the Worldcan reveal.

The media tycoon stormed out of their London home three weeks ago and Michelle, 42, hasn't seen him since.
Parry, 36, even snubbed her daughter Mia's ninth birthday the following week.
When we asked the former EastEnders star about the split she said: "Yes, it is true but I would rather not talk about it."


But a close pal said: "She is sobbing all the time. It really is sad.
"Three weeks ago they had a row. He said he was sick of sharing her with her friends, family and Mia. She couldn't believe it."
The pair have only spoken once since— when Parry delivered another cruel blow.
Her pal said: "She asked if he had his engagement ring on. He said yes—but only because he liked it. What a kick in the teeth.
"Now he won't even take her calls. She wants him back but doesn't have a clue if he'll ever return."
Parry proposed in October last year, just four months after they were introduced by mutual friends.

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