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понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.


EXCLUSIVE:But he turned out to be a cheetah

By Jane Atkinson
NO wonder Sid Owen's looking so happy in the jungle—his former fiancée has revealed the ex-soap star loves to get his Ender way in the great outdoors.
Speaking for the first time about their three-year romance, Carty Hubbard, 27, told the News of the World how they made love on a beach and regularly romped in his back garden.
But their romance hit the skids when slippery Sid— who's favourite to win I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here—bedded a sexy student behind her back.
Former lapdancer Carty said: "The times I spent with him were amazing.
"He had a huge sex drive and I couldn't keep my hands off him. He has a great body and is a fantastic lover.Sometimes we'd make love five times a day."
Carty and Sid—then taking a two-year break from the soap—spent months travelling the world.

She said: "I remember driving along the beach on Magnetic Island in Australia and we both really wanted each other.
"The beach was deserted so we stripped and made love. It was daylight but there was nobody around.
"Most of the time Sid was a really caring lover but that day the sex was just so intense and passionate."
Eighteen months after they met, Sid took Carty for a catamaran trip off the coast of Cyprus. She said: "Suddenly Sid got down on one knee, produced a beautiful ring and asked me if I'd marry him. I burst into tears and said, ‘Yes' straight away."
But their happiness didn't last. Sid, 33, had a fling with student Rachel Frost and that ripped the heart out of his romance with Carty. The pair did try to rekindle their love when he opened a restaurant in France.
Carty said: "We had some of our most special times in his house in France. We'd make love in the garden on sunny afternoons—we couldn't help ourselves. But there was a lot of soul-searching. In the end the trust had gone."
But they're still good pals. Carty giggled: "I laughed when Sid said on I'm A Celeb he hadn't done a lot for the last four years, just been on holiday. I thought, ‘Yes, he's been around the world making love to me!'"

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