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понедельник, 15 августа 2016 г.

Small Business Tip: Resolving Conflicts with Suppliers

All relationships have conflicts. And one such conflicted relationship is that of a supplier and a client. Unlike personal relationships, business relationships tend to be more stressful. This is because business sometimes requires you to befriend people you don’t actually like. But as a client, how do you deal with your problematic relationship with your suppliers?
How to deal with unsatisfactory supplies? When the goods delivered to you are not satisfactory, you should ask the supplier to replace it. If your supplier is professional, they will acknowledge why there is such a defect and they will replace your items. This is why it’s important to be meticulous before you give your approval. Always ask for a sample before you give the GO signal. Scrutinize the sample and get the approvals of your group. Have an expressed, if not signed, agreement that you have given your consent to proceed to production.
The politics of presenting your bids. Competition is tough in the supplier’s world. And in principle, you will always go for the best offer. But sometimes though it feels like you’re breaking a loyalty bond to your favorite supplier when a newcomer with a better quote comes along. Here’s the thing, you’re always free to award your requirements to anyone you wish. But since you’re spending the company’s money, you should always be wise with your decisions. A good supplier is a keeper. And don’t hesitate to terminate a supplier which always delivers defective items.
Don’t be too demanding. Quality takes first importance, but don’t complain harshly. Between a client and a supplier, the supplier is always the one who has the burden of being nice to the client. But don’t abuse this because a healthy relationship with a supplier can guarantee consecutive best deals, thereby maximum profit.
Changes in terms should always be advised as soon as possible to avoid conflicts. The best way to do it is still to discuss terms thoroughly and to finalize agreements on contract.

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