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воскресенье, 21 августа 2016 г.

Watching the Nutrition of Others

Jeneth Blackert, a nutritionist, recently contacted me to take a look at her newly started blog, and what I found were some very interesting articles and a growing diary of her daily healthy meals. I admit to not being the most healthy and active person, and so I could definetly use her help, and will be checking out her site often.
One of the articles: Food As The Best Medicine includes all kinds of tips on what foods to take to help you go to sleep, and which ones to avoid before bed.
The article starts off with a bang talking about the chemicals in the brain and how it can cause depression if you don’t have enough, and just gets better from there.
Foods and medicines that change the balance of neurotransmitter signals in the brain can affect whether we feel alert or drowsy and how well we sleep. One of these neurotransmitters is serotonin. It regulates feelings of happiness, calms anxiety, relieves depression, aids relaxation and promotes sleep. Low Serotonin levels are believed to be the reason for many cases of mild to moderate depression. Depression is the nation’s most prevalent mental health problem, affecting about 15 million Americans who spend about $3 billion a year on drugs to battle it, many of which target the serotonin system (eg Prozac).
While I applaud her for her healthy eating diary, I don’t know if I could do what she is doing, as her portions look like child sized meals, and the types of foods she is eating, are things outside my personal taste, but it is very interesting to watch it develop, and she throws in tips from time to time that make you go “that makes sense”.
Recently, she mentioned how drinking with your meal actually dilutes the digestive enzymes causing you to not digest your food as well. I would be interested to see how this actually effects personal health, and what other gains stopping the mix of food and drink during meals could create.

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