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понедельник, 22 августа 2016 г.

What’s with IQ?

Intelligence quotient or IQ is a score from a series of tests that supposedly measures the intelligence and potential of the person. It’s calculated with the formula: 100 x (mental age/chronological age). For example, a 10 year-old child who scores as high as the average 12 year-old does has an IQ of 120.
Now testing can be done using various of methods but they usually are designed to measure the following:
  • Spatial ability
  • Mathematical ability
  • Language ability
  • Memory ability
Which means, developing oneself in these disciplines can help you boost your IQ scores. But adults have only slight chances of boosting our scores because chronological age is against us. However, factors like proper diet and constant cognitive activities are said to help boost IQ scores.
Honestly, IQ is probably one of the most overrated benchmarks of intelligence. One of the dangers of these tests is that it “labels” people. It doesn’t mean that if you rank as genius, you can tower over people. Now Mozart was a genius. But that didn’t stop him from dying peniless. I still prefer the good-old street smart above else.
There are a lot of IQ tests online that you can try out. Here’s a link to some of them. For a real IQ test, better check with your friendly neighborhood MENSAchapter.
Remember, IQ tests are imperfect. And don’t ever box yourself in the test results!

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