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среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

A Few Things You Need to Remember About Condoms

With Valentine’s approaching real quick, a good many of you may be planning fora night of sweet lovin’. But remember, apart from the date, the food, and the presents, engaging in safe sex would be one of the ways to show you care.
And one of the easiest ways is using a condom. Call it whatever you want - jimmy hat, love glove, or rubber, condoms are still one of the primecontraceptions that also help prevent spreading/contracting STDs. There are condoms for males and females but I’d be writing about condoms for men in this one.
If you haven’t paying too much attention back in health classes, here are somethings you need to remember about condoms:
Keep it away from petroleum-based products
Condoms are made from latex (though some manufacturers use polyurethane, latex offers more protection). Latex breaks down when it comes to contact with petroleum. Condoms usually have their own lubrication. If you’d need additional lube, don’t use oils or Vaseline or you’d risk breakage. Use water-based lubes.
Allergies from Spermicides
Some condoms contain spermicide called Nonoxynol 9. Some people areallergic (causes open sores) to it (especially those found HIV positive). So if you do not want to have an irritated member, better be on the look for this.
Some guys keep condoms inside their wallets - a risky thing to do. Condoms can take wear from being stored in wallets making them break easily. There are storage instructions on condom packs and boxes so better read them.
When putting a condom, roll it on. Make sure your entire length is covered. If it doesn’t, you’re probably putting it on the wrong way. Use a new one just in case you make this error. Once you’ve ejaculated, take it off before the penis softens. Carefully slide it off, making sure you keep the semen in.
What if it breaks?
Breakage is highly uncommon but it does happen. When it does break, better replace it immediately. If semen gets left in your partner, better have her take emergency contraception like a morning after pill. If you have doubts, have yourselves tested for STDs.
Don’t flush it down the toilet! Latex can clog it. Wrap it in tissue and throw it in the bin.
Keep some with you all the time
You don’t know when you’ll get some so better stock some with you. You might be in for multiple rounds so better be prepared.

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