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среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they loved the cinema .

The announcement came, the American actress would have filed for divorce from her husband after twelve years together. Le Figaro returns on two feature films that have broken and sealed their married life on screen and in the city.

Nothing goes to Mr. and Mrs. Smith! While Brad Pitt stars alongside Marion Cotillard Allies, the new film by Robert Zemeckis, his wife Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce. Beyond their separation, how met the two actors who fantasize all Hollywood?
Everything starts filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith , the film by Doug Liman. At the time, Nicole Kidman was approached for the role. Brad Pitt immediately give its consent, excited to work with the Australian actress. But when it withdrew from the project, also decided to abandon the filming. Only when the name of Angelina Jolie was advanced to play one of the two main roles that the actor went back to work.
The plot of the movie is simple if not simplistic. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are a couple married for five or six years. They both are actually agents of rival secret organizations. Ignoring all the double life of the other, they eventually end up competing in the same case. The result is simple: one of the two must die. It was during the filming of this movie that the Hill. Technicians are involved in the release of qu'affichent growing intimacy the two actors, right from the first taken. This relationship birth will end the marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston .
Sea views, a prescient movie

Soon the duo crowd the red carpet and stands out as the most glamorous couple of Hollywood. However, after 12 years together and two of marriage, the two lovebirds end up tearing each other apart.
The latest achievement of Angelina Jolie called Seaview . Released in 2015, the actress-director invents itself this couple's story that tears in the 70s, completely writing the script. In reality, it is as if prescient way, she staged her separation with Brad ... The movie tells the trip in France, a couple of wealthy Americans who put his bags in a boutique hotel on the French Riviera. He, Roland, is a writer of inspiration in his creative crisis drowning in large glasses of gin. She, Vanessa, barely raises a shoe out because of persistent depression.
Sea view therefore shows a marital crisis more than two hours when the viewer stunned nothing inevitably questions the autobiographical film. If we had paid more attention to this feature film showing love and sex life declining, perhaps we would not have been so surprised by the divorce announcement ...

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