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среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Angelina Jolie divorce from Brad Pitt: who is the lawyer who will defend?

This is Laura Wasser Angelina Jolie has appealed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Behind this figure fashionista hides the stars of divorce diva to several million dollars. Portrait.

It is the lawyer who will be in charge of liquidating the Brangelina union. The actress of Tom Raider knows well: Laura Wasser took care of his first divorce with Billy Bob Thornton in 2003. His nickname? " The Queen Disso " according to the Los Angeles Times , the Vanity Fair or the Huffington Post . The lawyer of 46 years, specializing in family law, has become an expert in "dissolution" of marriage. In other words, the pure strain Californian did divorce his specialty. As it has over the Hollywood Hills, one can easily imagine that its customer base is mainly composed of actors, singers and other artists of all kinds cathode. To the question "Which celebrities have you represented? "The quadra responds immediately:" Take a look at my Wikipedia page, they are all listed. "And guess what  ? ... The list is long.

The Kim-Kris case

Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Kiefer Sutherland, Heidi Klum, Britney Spears ... are among those who have paid the services of Laura Wasser (known still $ 600 per hour). And it was no where the tip of the iceberg? "On my clients, I prefer to remain discreet. "Nonetheless, in February 2013 Miss Wasser made ​​the tabloids around the world, fittée in a dress Stella McCartney and perched on heels Manolo Blahnik , holding hands Kim Kardashian on the streets of LA Laura is indeed elected one that has the privilege of defending the interests of Queen Kim face to Kris Humphries, professional player of basketball and future ex-husband of the latter. The case makes noise: pregnant Kanye West, star of reality TV to accelerate the divorce proceedings. A delicate process, obtained by Laura with blows of tough negotiations.

Money, love, fashion

In twenty years of career, Miss Wasser can still claim to have rattled Antonio Banderas when she defended the rights of Melanie Griffith; for giving a hard time to when Arnold Schwarzenegger, in July 2011, California Governor conceded having had an affair with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, and have been with it an illegitimate old son 15 years. Maria Shriver, the wife deceived the Disso Queen would have obtained $ 150 million ... a pretty penny. Nothing, however, facing the $ 300 million obtained for Robyn Moore when she divorced actor Mel Gibson, father of seven children ...

Laura Wasser, who graduated from Berkeley and the Loyola Law School , never allows himself to soften: "I never give in mind that a divorce is primarily a legal act, with financial transactions. "His father and mentor, Dennis Wasser, is one of the most famous lawyers of LA Founder of the famous firm Wasser, Cooperman & Carter , he has settled divorces Clint Eastwood and Jane Fonda. It faces its own divorce 25 years (in 1993) that Laura decided to specialize. Is she married today? "I do not believe in this institution ... I have two wonderful children from two different fathers. Everything is going well, because we share a common love for our children and mutual respect. "The one who lives in West Hollywood, above Sunset Strip, always attack his days with a Pilates session before moving appointments, regularly plays the consultants for the film which speaks of family law, as Liar Liar and Divorce Corp .

at Amal Alamuddin like, Laura Wasser is one of those lawyers who do not compromise on style. In his dressing room: Louboutin heels and dresses Isabel Marant , Azzedine Alaia and Lanvin . "I love fashion, why hide? As for my collection of high heels ... you have to believe that I reached Napoleon syndrome. I am only a sixty-two meter! "On his leather briefcase, you can read the original LAW (" law "in English), Laura Allison Wasser. If this is not storytelling , it ...

The 5 pillars of a successful divorce

In October 2013, Laura Wasser published by Editions St. Martin's Press It Does not Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Yourself Bankrupting . A collection of tips for a successful divorce without destroying his family or finish on the straw. Excerpts: Zen and elegant Stay (e) "I remind my clients that one day they loved. This helps them stay stylish during financial negotiations. " The lawyer is not your therapist " It is very important to be supported during a divorce. But too many customers confuse lawyer and psychologist - what a mistake! I often remind them that a lawyer takes also much more expensive time a psychologist ... " The interest of the children first " Many couples claim that children are their priority ... then lose sight this priority during the procedure. However, keep this in mind is one of the keys to a successful divorce. " Do not stop living " We must live out laughing ... Do not let your divorce take control of your life. " The law, not the emotion " Divorce is a legal act. The emotion, fear, pain, anger should not interfere in your discussions and negotiations. "

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