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среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Angelina Jolie divorce: Jennifer Aniston is she trying to gloat?

It's the scoop of the day on the planet World: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce. It was the clumsy response to the office: "This is Jennifer Aniston who will be! "

According to the website TMZ , Jolie filled the divorce papers Monday, blaming his "irreconcilable differences" with Brad Pitt. It puts an end to eleven years of passion and two years of marriage with the most idolized actor of his generation - before Leonardo DiCaprio and Guillaume Canet. What obviously wake brushing Jennifer Aniston .

YES, she always liked

Whether it be clear, Jennifer never really set some details with him that she-not-say-more-the-name (ie Brad Pitt ). Historical landmarks. 1998 actress-star of the series Friends , she falls under the spell of Californian blond actor of Seven , who married in 2000, leaving in 2005 for brown wavy with Angelina Jolie , and ignores triumphantly since. Result: Jennifer suffered the brunt of the midlife crisis and has long sailed seen in Hollywood troubled waters. So yes, she supposedly found love in super slims all leather Justin Theroux, man she married in 2015, to illusion. But give it a few weeks time to swallow the news and do some sport, and you might have some surprises on any sparks with the husband secondhand.

NO, she found better

Change of scenario. If Justin Theroux was in the beginning at least, a desperate choice, he has to prove himself and win the heart cursed Rachel Green. Yes, "the child of America" ​​has eased alongside the actor met on the set of Peace, love and maybe more (by David Wain, 2012) . Yes, Jen has always felt supported by the writer doubtfully plugged , who made ​​a time of mural painting in nightclubs and wears large bagouses any fingers.

If the couple is committed in 2012, and lived three years loooongues engagement, it was better to be married in August 2015 to 70 happy few handpicked. Nothing to do with the embarrassing ceremony in $ 1 million paid by Brad Pitt in 2000, no ... And when, finally, Jennifer Aniston publishes its fist article in the Huffington Post , lambasting the obsession that the tabloids had developed on his supposed marriage, depression and pregnancy, it is always there, kind like a kitten, hand on his shoulder.

NO, she wants a child

A child, yes. That is to say: his. No Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne, namely the six children of his worst enemy. If you followed the request for divorce from Angelina Jolie in the details , you know she has specifically requested sole custody of her offspring, leaving only a right to Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston could therefore join the bachelor Brad without suffering the afternoon World of Warcraft and albums of Justin Bieber. But no, again. Why ? Because " she wants a child . And Brad Pitt has already given. If you read the divorce Angelina Jolie in the smallest details this time you also know that she accuses her future ex-husband to have "anger issues" due to acute consumption "of grass and possibly alcohol ". No, definitely, Jennifer Aniston did not need that to start a family.

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