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среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Brad Pitt talks about his divorce with Angelina Jolie

Tuesday, Angelina Jolie was taught seeking a divorce for "irreconcilable differences." Brad Pitt reacted itself via a statement.

J + 1 and the first release, a long list, no doubt, in the divorce Jolie-Pitt, written by Brad Pitt and disseminated by the magazine People . His priority? The happiness of his offspring. As a reminder, or for those who have not followed, Jolie filed for divorce on 15 September, blaming "irreconcilable differences" related to the education of their children. TMZ stated Tuesday that Angelina Jolie could not stand more excessive consumption of grass , probably alcohol, her husband. Related consumption, she says, an "anger problem", it considers dangerous for children.

"What matters is the welfare of our children"

Via a sincere statement, Brad Pitt unabated : "I am very affected by all this, but what matters most today is the welfare of our children. "He added:" I ask the press to kindly give them the space they need during this event. "

Jolie is also expressed through its superavocate Laura Wasser : "This decision was taken for the good of the family. My client will not comment at the moment, and calls for respect for family privacy during this difficult time. "In fact, Jolie asked for sole custody of the Jolie-Pitt brood. "She does not want Brad has shared physical custody" of the children, "just joint legal custody" underlined TMZ first holder of the scoop. It does not ask for alimony . Because it does not need.

The couple behemoths Hollywood has decided to separate the castle and domain Miraval, where took place the marriage ceremony.

It is here that Angelina Jolie has said "yes" to Brad Pitt in August 2014 , with a robe daubed with their six children in front of a small crowd of twenty-two guests handpicked. It is here that the twins Vivienne and Knox spent their earliest days, where the family spent many summers and both actors have become winemakers. It's over: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sold the castle and domain Miraval they bought in 2008 for the modest sum of $ 60 million or 45 million euros , according to the website France TV Info .

Millions of dollars of renovation

Rumors were running since June 2016. The actress Tomb Raider wanted to separate from the property of the seventeenth century, against the advice of Brad Pitt , according to Paris Match . The couple had indeed undertaken colossal work in the building Provence, including the construction of a gym, a spa, a bike trail and the renovation of the wine cellar. Mr and Mrs Pitt were heavily involved in the management of their vineyards, in partnership with the Perrin family of winemakers. Responsible wine Miraval, their advisor Marc Perrin had assured the BBC that the couple had discussed every month technical and strategic choices of the vineyard , which rosé had climbed to 84th place in the ranking of the top 100 wines in the world magazine Wine Spectator .

If Angie and Brad have cultivated their agricultural fiber, the inhabitants of the village of Correns, they have kept a bitter taste of their installation. Their new neighbors have never deigned to have a drink at the tavern. Or pass the mayor of the village for their wedding. " They take us for bumpkins ," said one of the residents at the Journal du Dimanche in 2015, reports the website Closer . Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had strengthened the security service for peace in their fortress besieged by the paparazzi. Unlike the previous owner, the star couple had then closed the doors of their property to visitors , according to the magazine Vanity Fair who had devoted a lengthy investigation on "the unloved Correns."

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