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понедельник, 19 сентября 2016 г.

David Beckham: his ex-mistress, Rebecca Loos became housewife in Norway

The former mistress of David Beckham has deserted the reality TV shows to retrain in the Norwegian woman home, adept cross country skiing and hiking.

In 2004, Rebecca Loos proclaimed to anyone who would listen that David Beckham was "a fantastic lover." Ignoring at the time of the person of the woman, Victoria Beckham , their two children and their five years of marriage. David denied in vain. The one who was the personal assistant to the footballer had assured the cover of many magazines and tickets to reality TV shows, red carpet more or less famous, exposing all smiles, his attributes in pieces of very low-cut fabrics. Then the bimbo had fallen into the dustbin of the tabloids.

The Beckhams survived. Rebecca Loos also. Twelve years after "case", one discovers that the sultry mistress lives of love, hiking and yoga in Norway , between her physician husband, Sven, her two children and her blonde bitch, Mila. Instagram presents itself as a "passionate mother and wife." Finished necklines, Rebecca became a woman Quechua, subscribes to polar zip and wool caps. But what has happened?

Children and home first

The new Becca confided to Daily Mail . "I will not be spending $ 2,000 on a Chanel bag or $ 600 in a pair of Louboutin. I do two manicurists and I'm three times a year at the hairdresser (...) I focus on my house. "While her husband is at work doctor, Rebecca" cleans the house, cleans the bathroom, made ​​to eat every night and dishes, "said she proudly.

A hermit's life that does not seem to suffice, since Rebecca launched a lifestyle blog about his life of "Nordic domestic goddess", as nicknamed the Daily Mail . His Instagram account in offering a first glimpse: walks in the mountains , walking with children, skiing, yoga sessions in a chalet. Today, the housewife has a rather indulgent look on his past bimbo and says he has no regrets. "If I had not known, I would not have been invited in TV shows, where I met my husband, Sven, and I would not have had my lovely boys. "

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