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суббота, 24 сентября 2016 г.

Divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: and now the FBI?

Umpteenth twist in the most media divorce the year. Brad Pitt is suspected of having abused his children. This is the FBI will handle the result of the investigation.

The media storm continues. Thursday, TMZ revealed that the Los Angeles police and social services were investigating the actor Brad Pitt . The star of 52 years was suspected of being verbally abusive - and physically - with her children during a flight on a private jet a few days earlier. When the bomb dropped, a communiqué was sent to quash the new, whitening Brad any ongoing investigation. It is not so.

For 24 hours, new twist, the TMZ reveals that the actor is indeed suspected of violence and that the file was transferred to the FBI.

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What happened ? On a flight by private jet, Wednesday, September 14, Brad Pitt reportedly lost control and became violent with his children. Angelina Jolie, this board is finished, it can no longer bear such excess anger. Extremely upset, the star of "World War Z" would have continued even yelling at his offspring after landing, uttering insults on the tarmac of an airport in Minnesota. Witnesses said he was "out of control". A scene already told the police and social services according to TMZ, but exceeding their authority. Indeed, the incident took place in the air on a flight between France and the United States. Therefore, under US law, the investigation comes to the FBI. The Los Angeles police reopen the investigation if that violence in the home are revealed.

The couple has already been asked about this episode, children should also be in the coming days. The investigation is ongoing. But one thing is certain is that this episode has decided to permanently leave Angie Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Why the break was inevitable

It has not escaped anyone: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce. Attempt to return to the signs that should not have deceived us about their love incompatibility.

Since TMZ announced that Jolie asked the divorce, Brad Pitt comes in a statement, Jennifer Aniston possibly jubilee, Marion Cotillard has denied any involvement in the case and George Clooney has struggled to speak on the subject. Here, we wondered: what if Brangelina, it never really stuck?

It is strategically fell into the arms of Brad Pitt

That is to say, it would have set his sights on him before meeting him. In his biography - unauthorized, of course - published in 2010, Andrew Morton ensures that with Johnny Depp and Willem Dafoe, Brad Pitt was part of his trifecta . She would have just waited for the right time to finger one of the three. In 2004, the shooting of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Doug Liman) mark for her the beginning of Brangelina. Brangelina as a company that will give it access to glory. Brangelina not like the couple who ended his days fondly to share sweets with honey on checkered armchairs with matching slippers (salads which may have thought Brad Pitt).

He believed find its way by embracing its causes

This whole concept of women-dragon. She arrived with her big golden hoofs, full of a committed sensitivity and strict ideas about life . At the time, he, the good looks of Hollywood, is too blonde and too dull tad. Contact with Angelina authority, there is a consistency, a way of existing socially Hollywood extramural.

Let me be clear: "Brangelina" has made him a father (who adopted Maddox and Zahara in 2006 before having four more ) a citizen (who is proudly committed alongside his wife, goodwill ambassador of the High Commissioner for UN refugees ); and a model husband, unwavering support of Angelina Jolie during her double mastectomy preventive in 2013. But "Brangelina" may have made him a man he was not. Brad Pitt is perhaps a man like others, who like empty beer in front of Canal + on demand.

Their respective former are not alike

After dated Juliette Lewis and conquered Gwyneth Paltrow , it cracks in 1998 to his future wife, Jennifer Aniston . It's normal, they have the same locks and even blow dry. Angelina Jolie, she was first married actor Jonny Lee Miller in 1996. The day of her wedding, she wears leather pants and a white shirt on which she carefully wrote the name of her husband, with his own blood . Scary? Yes. In 2000, she married another man in three names, Billy Bob Thornton, and carries a vial filled with the blood of her new husband, and that, in any circumstance. And this time it's creepy.

Their film "Ocean view" presaged their break

The third film of Angelina Jolie as a director makes bird office ominous. Seaview tells the camera slow devastation of a couple, based on all cinematic clichés of romantic separation. Angelina whining nightie, Angelina smoking at the window puffy eyes, Brad drinking (too) to forget ... Beyond wanting discreetly adjust the Sea of Véronique Sanson ( Two doves are the war / Under the arbor, of wings ...), did they need to play the emotional void even though their marriage was on the rocks? The answer is no. Seen today, it would be even a little too much .

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