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суббота, 17 сентября 2016 г.

Five numbers you ignore the Luxembourg Palace

In the heart of Paris and surrounded by a large garden coveted by many Parisians, this is the Luxembourg Palace. Discover this great heritage listed historic monument since the nineteenth century.

What better occasion than the European Heritage Days to (re) discover the architectural gems of our cities? For this 33rd edition organized around the theme "Heritage and Citizenship", thousands of visitors are invited to open the doors of the most beautiful monuments in France. In the program, the beautiful castles, large schools, stately homes and historic buildings throughout France. So for lovers of beautiful stones and history of our heritage, Le Figaro Real Estate invites you to discover some of these treasures. Here encrypted portraits of some of the most popular monuments of the capital such as the Elysee Palace , the National Assembly and today the Luxembourg Palace. Located at 15 rue de Vaugirard in the 6th arrondissemet of Paris, close to the Pantheon, it houses over 200 years old walls of the Senate.
• 400 years . Built in 1615 by order of Marie de Medici and in memory of her deceased husband Henri IV, the Palais du Luxembourg last year celebrated its 400 candles. The regent tired Louvre where she lived previously had a few years ago acquired the Petit Palais, hotel originally belonged to the Duke of Piney, François de Luxembourg. Near this residence, built by the architect Salomon de Brosse, what became his princely residence. The place later became a prison during the Commune of Paris , before hosting the first Conservative Senate from 1800.

• 348 seats . Here is the exact number of seats that have their place at the heart of the Hall of sessions, a seat reserved exclusively for each of the current senators, in the age of his political group. The centerpiece of the building, symbol of Republic was built in 1834 by architect Alphonse de Gisors, who had been responsible for advancing the facade of the Palais du Luxembourg 31 meters of the garden in order to build this new Chamber. After a fire and several architectural changes until 1879, the Hall of Sessions has since kept the same ornaments and oak paneling. The hemicycle dedicated to the President of the Senate is supported by seven columns struc between which are placed six statues of the great legislators of our history.

• 23 hectares . Decorated with flower beds and sculptures, this is the current size of the area surrounding the Luxembourg Palace. Currently, 21 hectares are open to the public. Throughout the year, walkers and tourists can indeed cross the garden , sit on the green grass of the few authorized lawns and walk in the shade of wooded walkways. Today, many people sit time for a break on loungers around the large fountain in the garden. But know that until 1974, this luxury was not free! The temporary reservation of a chair monnayait 20 cents francs, against 30 cents for a more comfortable chair.

• 650 square meters . This is not the surface of all the parts that are home to the Senate, but the area of a single piece: the Conference Hall. With 57 meters long, its 10.6 meters wide and 11 meters high ceiling, the room is named in honor of the Paris Peace Conference which brought together the Allies in 1919. Inside, everything is gilding, chandeliers, moldings and precious tapestries. And because it is in this central location and majestic building that Napoleon III had chosen to build this gallery in the Throne Room for the Imperial Senate.

• 8 km . Here's what the books represent shelving length if the 350,000 volumes that has the Senate were made ​​after the other one. Today impossible for the guards of the Palace to expose all of these volumes. The library current and gallery wrought iron still welcome nearly 57,000 books on oak shelves of two kilometers. Yet behind the tranquility of books, know that this gallery was housed in 1815 the private deliberations of the trial of Marshal Ney. At the time, all the Luxembourg Palace was erected in Court of Justice, the Constitutional Charter.

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