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суббота, 17 сентября 2016 г.

Five numbers you know about the Elysée Palace

FOCUS - Number of square meters of living space, number of clocks, and even ... the price of Elysium if he found for sale on the Paris market. Le Figaro Immobilier gives you five unusual figures that characterize the presidential palace.

Every year on the occasion of Heritage Days , of thousands of French people come to visit the Hotel d'Evreux - more commonly known as the Elysée Palace - and a huge garden. It has become a safe bet for the news channels continuously, who post their cameras there all day long. It is enough: the queue is said to be endless. Visitors will remain blocked for four or six hours. Ditto for most places of power.
We enjoy the days of the 2016 heritage, taking place this Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September you draw a small picture of encrypted Elysee Palace, which was successively the property of the Count of Evreux, Louis XV's residence Madame de Pompadour, of Napoleon III , before becoming the residence of the Presidents of the Republic by decree in 1848.
• 365 rooms. There are 365 days in a year. This is also the number of parts that includes the Elysee. State rooms where visitors are received at the ground floor of the main building, the Golden Room, the president's office on the first floor, office colleagues, reception rooms ... Bernadette Chirac had the attic apartment 130 square meters living. The basement includes 90 pieces.
• 1.5 hectare. This is the area of the garden of the Elysee. Originally it was a swampy plain interspersed with pastures and vegetable crops. The Marquise de Pompadour, owner of the place from 1753 to 1773 was a playground consisting of waterfalls and mazes, before the financial Nicolas Beaujon, who sold the castle in 1786 to Louis XVI turns it into garden "to the English ". "What remained today, in broad terms, despite the many improvements made ​​since by its owners and occupants," says Le Figaro, which has been thoroughly visit the place .
• 6 inputs. This is the number of inputs that allow access to the Elysee Palace, officially entered the porch and the main courtyard at number 55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré . It is at this address that arrive each day some 2,000 letters addressed to the Presidency of the Republic. For Heritage Days, the public entrance is by the gate of the cock located avenue Gabriel.
• 320 and clocks. Every minute counts for the Elysee. This is why no less than 320 clocks and watches are dispatched units and other "Castle". These clocks are put together every Tuesday morning - before the Council of Ministers - by a master watchmaker. "When I come on Tuesday, everything is accessible. We have our path, we know what noise made ​​each pendulum. Once there is a little suspicious noise, we further attention, "said the JDD Yohanna Arvaud, watch of record of the Elysee. In the office of the president, two clocks: one on the fireplace and an officer's clock.
• 1.17 billion. This is the price that would be the Elysee, according to calculations by the specialized historian Patrice Moncan in his book "What is Paris?" Published by Editions du patron. This figure astronomical priori is not a coincidence. Gilles Ricour of Bourgies, president of the Alps in the Greater Paris, Patrice de Moncan calculated the value "utopian" of Paris and some of its monuments, including the Palace of the Elysee. They got this figure by multiplying the land area of the property by its constructability coefficient given by the COS and the PLU (local plan) to achieve its potential constructability and its estimated price. Translation: it is to imagine what could be built instead of the Elysee and sold at market price. To recall, the Elysee occupies 78,000 square meters .

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