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четверг, 18 августа 2016 г.

How to Backup and Restore Your Windows Drivers

For every person who knows and actually does computer maintenance,reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows is probably one of the most tedious tasks. Advanced users would probably have a spare or external hard drive which contains an exact replica of the fresh operating system hard drive that can be “ghosted” every time the PC needs reformatting.
But for the rest of the average computer users, reformatting your PC would mean looking for all of those CDs containing your device drivers. And by experience I know these would be a lot! And, the occasional misplaced CDs to boot!
But fret not, here’s another cool freeware that lets you backup all your device drivers before your scheduled reformatting - DriverMax. DriverMax scraps the need to search for all of those drivers. With a DriverMax backup, you can just keep one CD or ZIP file containing all the important drivers that you’ll be needing. It also lets you select which drivers to backup using filters so you can ignore the otherwise old drivers that are left in your PC.
It’s freeware with a request for free registration after 30 days. It works for Windows XP. You can download DriverMax here.

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