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пятница, 23 сентября 2016 г.

Kate Middleton and prince William: the unusual photos that had been forgotten

Kate Middleton: his embarrassing indifference to the fall of a guard

After falling accidentally, a guard could count on the help of Prince William. Kate, she did not seem very concerned about the little incident.

Sometimes you have to hurry to do nothing. This is the maxim that seems to have followed the Duchess of Cambridge on the road in Essex, England. As part of their commitment to the mental health of children, Kate Middleton and Prince William visited this Friday at a school in Harlow.

On site, one of the guards present to welcome the royal couple when they arrived accidentally dropped. Faced with this little incident, the brother of Prince Harry quickly rushed to rescue the man of 72 years in uniform, "I'm sorry for what happened," apologized the guard before the prince reassures him: " Everything is fine ," he said, reports the Daily Mail .

William, the savior, Kate phlegmatic

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge attended, passive at the scene. She continues her conversation at first, preferring not to intervene. One thing is certain, if the mother of George Cambrigde and Princess Charlotte recently confided that she " would have secretly enjoyed being a farmer ," it never seems to have considered becoming rescuer.

Summit meeting between William and the man who slept standing. (Ottawa, July 1, 2011.)

It took William will go to his opinion on the chocolate sponge cake. (Ottawa, July 2, 2011.)

Then William of apologizing photographers. (Yellowknife, July 5, 2011.)

How could we forget the salt dough workshop? (Los Angeles, July 10, 2011.)

When William had to remember the choreography of The Rhythm of The Night 1993 (London, 21 December 2011.)

loincloth skirt, wreath and mutlicolore necklace, the official travel joys. (Tuvalu, September 18, 2012.)

Prince William spoke with the future students of the University of the South Pacific. And a wreath on his head. (Tuvalu, September 18, 2012.)

We know of one for whom it would not have taken the boat ride lasts longer. (New Zealand, April 13, 2014.)

Game for a laugh: At the 2012 Olympics (London), although William isn't in on the joke .

William even asked Kate to pull his finger. (Sydney, April 21, 2014.)

When William fed a giraffe for the first time. (Sydney, 26 April 2014.)

Kate and William had a chance to go through the Famous Grouse Distillery in Crieff. (Scotland, 29 May 2014)
The couple after tasting a long strand of whiskeys. (Scotland, 29 May 2014)

A lamentable fall, obviously. (Glasgow, 28 July 2014.)

Our finger tells us that an Irish guard let himself go to make a joke in bad taste. (Hampshire, March 17, 2015.)

Basketball player LeBron James would soles. (New York City, December 8, 2014.)

Prince William after the little George had showed him 17 aircraft. (London, 13 June 2015.)

When Prince Harry did not choose his family. (London, 26 September 2015.)

The tree climbing delights Kate. William less. (Wales, 20 November 2015.) 

Really less. (Wales, 20 November 2015). 

During their trip to India, William and Kate attended an amazing dance number (a bit annoying too). (Mumbai, April 10, 2016.)

Number Kate tried to reproduce for exemption from football. In vain. (Mumbai, April 10, 2016.)

The official visit to Bhutan was sporty. Here the launch darts. (Thimphu, April 13, 2016.)

The sparkle of joy exaggerated haired Kate Middleton when she pulled (arc) in the mile. (Thimphu, April 13, 2016.)

The awkward moment customs. (Assam, April 13, 2016.)

History does not tell us who inherited the unfortunate pancake. (Belfast, March 8, 2011.)

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