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суббота, 17 сентября 2016 г.

Sex: five natural aphrodisiacs to test emergency

Want to give a boost to your sex life? Essential oils through the spice plants, follow the guide.

We already knew the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate. Liberator of endorphins, this handy food is not the only benefit of these virtues that boost pleasure and libido . Overview of some other foods, pickaxes in nature.


This noble spice is not used in everyday life. Rare, it is sold in very small quantities for better flavor dishes for special occasions. To use as an aphrodisiac, saffron is consumed as a tea or tea with mint reminds the Moroccan version of the Huffington Post . 1 gram of saffron in 1 liter of water, fifteen minutes and the infusion voila , the site says health Ste .


In the jargon of food, this spice is semi-strong, understand very toned. "Ginger has a tonic effect on the libido. It also strengthens the immune system and great perks if "soft coup". It may slightly wake libido, " told us last May Caroline Gayet, dietician and nutritionist , and then qualified that there is not still a miracle product . We remind: if health problem, it is necessary to call in a specialist. In terms of dosage, treat yourself. Ginger is consumed both in infusion as in our dishes.


Small flower buds of the clove is a great painkiller . But cloves also has aphrodisiac properties. In men as in women, it promotes blood circulation and stimulates the senses ... We consume the essential oil or infusion.


Its virtues are known since antiquity. Besides being an aphrodisiac, asparagus can be used in case of toothache, heart disease and even bee sting, it said on the website of France 3 . To eat, we don ' not hesitate to include it in our menus. Small delicate vegetable, it should cook with delicacy and attention.

The essential oil of ylang-ylang

Ideal in massage oil , ylang ylang invigorates the body and leaves behind a sweet intoxicating fragrance that gives a psychological and sexual boost. To spice up an evening, dilute 5 drops of essential oils of ylang-ylang in a spoon soup base, then put it in hot water .

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