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пятница, 23 сентября 2016 г.

The "perfect face" by patients of cosmetic surgery

For ten years, the English plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva collected the applications of 1,000 of his patients to draw the simulation of perfect little face.

Just as some go to the hairdresser with a picture of their favorite star to ask the same haircut, patients do the same with their cosmetic surgeon. The nose of the Duchess Kate Middleton , the hemmed eyelids Keira Knightley , cheeks of Angelina Jolie or the front of Miley Cyrus ... the demands of customers of British doctor Julian De Silva often overlap on the features celebrities. By dint of hearing them repeat the same thing, director of facial cosmetic and plastic surgery center in London had the idea to collect the demands of a sample of 1,000 of them over ten years in order to draw the ideal face of the sketch.

What women want vs. what science says

This simulation proves far from the one established last month by the same surgeon who pointed Amber Heard as the embodiment of perfection. Indeed, Dr. Julian De Silva has also implemented an algorithm based on the mythical golden, supposed to summarize the proportions of the perfect beauty since ancient Greece. According to his calculations scholars therefore, the face of the former wife of Johnny Depp would be the closest to reach the ideal. But it has nothing to do with the treatment from the demands of patients.

Or almost. The requests of women and scientific calculations include intersect on one point: Kate Middleton has a perfect nose . According to a study conducted by a team of American surgeons, the wife of Prince William has a geometrically perfect nose at an angle to 106 degrees between the bottom of the forehead and upper lip. The researchers conducted a survey of 4106 Americans. Several photographs of women aged 18 to 25 and Caucasian, were submitted to the participants. Surgeons were asked to rate the photos according to their degree of attractiveness. Of the various clichés, noses are inclined between 96-116 degrees. Praised by the majority of respondents, the most aesthetic nose would be the one whose tip back slightly, like that of the Duchess of Cambridge.
What the science says and what women want can therefore coincide in the name of beauty.

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