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воскресенье, 25 сентября 2016 г.

Top 10 Things that Ruin Your Car’s Paint/Finish

I’ve been always keen on a car’s finish. My sister used to mock me back in college when I used to spend a tad bit more time really making it spic and span and sparkle. I would’ve probably beaten the Karate Kid in a waxing contest (Wax in, wax out, Daniel-san!).
But everyday trips and exposure to elements beat the heck out of your car’s paint never mind if you’ve used a tad more carnauba wax than your usual application. Here top 10 peeves that ruin a cars finish:
  • Dirt/Dust - Sticks unless you shampoo it off
  • Mud
  • Rain water - With pollution, that’s acid!
  • Pollen - Parking under a tree may give you shade but tree sap too.
  • Tar
  • Chips of rock
  • Bird droppings - Bird droppings are acidic too that eats away your paint.
  • Tree sap
  • Salt Common in snowy climates
  • Car keys in the hands of a vengeful ex
Maybe you could think of some and put some more in the comments!

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