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суббота, 17 сентября 2016 г.

Vanessa Paradis: return on its iconic hairstyles

Since its inception 14 years, Vanessa Paradis has tested almost all hair side. image review its capillary evolution.

Since Joe le taxi in 1987, Vanessa Paradis remains the sweetheart of French. And if fans are passionate songs and his family life, his style and beauty looks are also intensely scrutinized. His change of hairstyles in particular can set trends, like its vagueness square . For the singer, incidentally ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp , who is faithful to regular updates in bohemian beauty, still dares to 43 years, taking risks to her hairdresser.

From light brown to blonde patinated

As his daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp , Vanessa Paradis has light brown hair. But the singer has quickly turned dark blond, sometimes ash, sometimes gilded, from the 2000s interpreter Tandem even made ​​a foray into the brown, with coppery highlights or chocolate, but never for long. This year, as a member of the jury of the 69th Cannes Film Festival , the musician, also an actress, has returned to his first love hair by focusing again on the blond .

The extra-long to blur square

As a teenager, lived under the spotlight, the young performer Joe Le Taxi sports a long smooth hair. She dares the square in the late 1990s, sometimes minimalist or sometimes how Goldilocks. Subsequently, the singer browses the mid-long cuts, and displays a soft brushing or English, always remaining true to the parting. Then she cultivates its nature curly hair especially during the period of the release of his album Divinidylle in 2007. For the release of his latest album Love Songs in 2013, the quadra setting an oblong blur and modern rock, that illico women ask their hairdressers. But the following year, to receive his award at Grammys, Vanessa Paradis appears with a curly short cut that receives a barrage of criticism. Imagined by her favorite hairdresser John Nollet , to whom we owe the dreadlocks and beard adorned with beads Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean , this capillary audacity did not last long. After a difficult period of regrowth, the singer decides to return to the mid-long.

Buns and precious bohemian headband

The mother of Lily-Rose Melody Depp is a follower of the same nature during his appearances on the red carpet. But when it does seek to raise her hair for a more sophisticated result, the singer put on buns fuzzy and romantic, often accessorized headbands bijoutés. At rhinestones, feathers, so bibi 1920s, are the accessories in the vintage look that find favor in his eyes. And ours.

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