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воскресенье, 18 сентября 2016 г.

What does dreaming of money?

Dreaming of money is not necessarily synonymous with wealth or poverty. We have listed the interpretations. 

Dreaming of money, like losing his teeth, is one of the most common dreams. However, this type of dream is it necessarily synonymous with wealth? And he did not even often no relation to our bank account. But it can give us insight to reach a better understanding of ourselves. The dreams convey messages from our unconscious and can help us to open our eyes to something we already know without us admit. So that reveal the dreams of money?

The dream of money, a sign of trust and security

Naturally, we tend to associate money with something positive. And sometimes it's true. It can be synonymous with prosperity and success in what we do: a success in work , a special time in our personal lives. Sometimes it can also be associated with the trust, security or power according to the form it takes. Ingots, it portends economies. Find the money and the count is satisfied sign of hope, even if it must however be careful thereafter to avoid financial trouble. Finally, give money is a sign of prosperity.

The dream of money, a bad omen?

Money does not always bring happiness ! Dreaming of blackened silver can spell bad omen and suggests a lack of financial returns for some time. In notes that one loses, it indicates a future fortunes. But do not be discouraged if: a flow of money could announce later. Burn tickets indicates a big loss (or no money). We must therefore be careful and be prepared. Being robbed of money dream warns of a loss of investment. And cons-intuitively, make lots of money is not necessarily a good omen and indicates rather the trials ahead. Bury money symbolizes that one has something to hide. Finally, cash is a sign of marital problems .

Money as a sex symbol

According to Freudian psychologists, dreams reflect above all our desires, our fantasies and our sexual frustrations. Spend lots of money may mean that we have an overflow of sexual energy . Running out of money may be a sign that you lack of love and affection. Finding silver dream may suggest a pretty unexpected encounter. Losing is, however, rather negative: this reflects a vis-à-vis fear of impotence or loss of desire .

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