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суббота, 24 сентября 2016 г.

Windows Tips: How to Find Out Exactly What’s in My Computer

Every computer owner should know what’s in their computer like the back of their own hand. But for most of us, we are a bit scared tinkering . But if you’ve ever encountered some of those snotty tech support people who would just make you feel so inadequate with talk like “Do you know what version your GPU’s drivers are? Better check what version they are and we’ll see if they’re compatible with your DirectX version so better check that too.”
If you’re just the average computer user who won’t even dare open your PC’s casing, then here’s another utility that checks what’s in your computer fromhardware to software to OS to device drivers all in a click of a button.
WinAudit gives you a complete scan of your computer and gives you a detailed report of every nook and cranny in your system. You can select which information will be contained in the report. you can also set what format it’d be saved as from a designed web page, to plain text, or even a PDF file!
What’s also great about WinAudit (aside from it’s free!) is that it’s a stand-alone EXE file that you can run even from a thumb drive or memory stick.
It’s built for Windows 95 to Windows XP.

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