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понедельник, 26 сентября 2016 г.

YouTube Might Bring the Web to Its Knees +Happy Tree Friends - Ultimate Holiday Marathon

News flash! To those who think that broadcast quality TV can be done online right now, you might be mistaken. Internet companies have said that they’ve been doing much work just to keep the data flowing from video sites likeYouTube and Joost.
Google, who has acquired YouTube last year has said that the Net (including Google infrastructure) is not built to support streaming of broadcast quality media. Google, with a group of cable TV operators have issued this warning.
While most cable operators, are fearing that the web will take away their base with the abundance of video streaming sites. Google eased their fears by sharing that the large amount of data being transferred for broadcast puts a strain on the global network.
Here’s another interesting quip:
Research firm Gartner Inc. estimates that 60% of the Internet traffic that is uploaded from computers is peer-to-peer traffic, mostly from consumers swapping films and TV shows through select user groups and BitTorrent Inc.

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