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среда, 12 октября 2016 г.

23 signs you start (dangerously) look like your mother

There was a time when you let him go there. It is clear today that it has all the same, a little rubs off on you. That is to say ?
That is to say that you start doing what you exasperated home. Beyond having inherited his loud laugh and ride his forehead, you have acquired, so, over time, the same frightening gestures and the same ridiculous expressions. Anthology.

You step on the brake when you are seated passenger side.

You start tapping your foot, worse, snap your fingers tapping the foot on the tubes of Francois Feldman.

You weep before the news.

You pat the heads of children in the street when you find them cute.

You file your papers in a bellows sorter.

You have heard that little smile when you find your tax form to the right place in the sorter.

You prefer to fill your dishwasher only. question of organization.

You do not say bad words. But sea credi ... and sweet Jesus.

You get to use his traumatic expressions, without irony.

Traumatic as "Do not wad of bread, you'll end up like Uncle Rene".

You arrive about 1 hour and a quarter in advance to the station (that is to say that your train has not yet appeared on the scoreboard).

You do not understand why your kids want you expected in the corner. Or a little further.

You laugh despite yourself the rare jokes Michel Drucker.

Sometimes you look at the new formula Questions for a champion.

Ordering personalized online photo albums.

You put your robe watching TV.

Do ingurgitez more caffeine after 16 hours.

You have a deformed hand bag in which lay a dozen used tissues and a box of candy the Vosges.

You want to visit France.

You understand nothing Snapchat, you speak Slapchap.

You know the recipe for veal stew. By heart.

You now enjoy ice-rum raisins.

And digestive walks.

You have the idea to acquire Nordic walking sticks.

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