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воскресенье, 2 октября 2016 г.

After her home in Malibu, Leonardo DiCaprio sells his ranch in California

At the heart of a financial scandal, Leonardo DiCaprio would he need money? Liquid actor heritage: after his home in Malibu, he is selling his ranch in California for $ 2.3 million. 

There are some days, Leonardo DiCaprio was selling his house in Malibu for 10.95 million dollars . A bungalow with direct access to the beach bought in 1998, seven times less (1.6 million). Today, the actor gives his ranch in California. A house in Studio City, north of Los Angeles, 300 square meters, with a large garden and swimming pool, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Its price is set at $ 2.39 million ( ) . 
This sale concerns only part of the heritage of Leonardo DiCaprio. It has another property in Los Angeles and is the owner of several apartments in New York. The actor has bought an island Blackadore Caye in Belize on which he wants to create an eco-resort.

financial scandal 

But the heart of a financial scandal, the actor of "Wolf of Wall Street" would he need money? Leonardo DiCaprio is indeed cited in a case of misappropriation of Malaysian funds and donations to his foundation are questioned. He has been heard by the FBI on suspicion of having received dirty money. By selling his villa in Malibu and a ranch in California for a total of 13.34 million, is it going to ensure his rear in case of legal proceedings? To be continued.

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