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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

Albania: the beautiful wedding of Prince Leka II and actress Elia Zaharia

The only descendant of Zog I, the last king of Albania, Prince Leka, Saturday married an actress, Elia Zaharia, first wife of a member of the royal family celebrated in Tirana since 1938.

More than twenty royalty, representatives attended the wedding ceremony of Prince Leka, son of the king of Albania and actress Elia Zaharia, including Queen Sofia of Spain , former Empress Farah of Iran, Prince Michel of Yugoslavia or the Princess Margarita of Romania.

After proclaimed king in 1928, Zog had fled his country at the time of the invasion of their country by troops of fascist Italy in 1939, a year after his marriage to the Hungarian Princess Geraldine of Albania. 

The prince Leka is the only descendant of Zog I

This brand new royal family had never set foot in the country until the fall of communism in 1990, five years after the death of dictator Enver Hoxha.During this closing era of the country to the outside world, the descendants of Zog were considered traitors by the regime.
Elia Zaharia, 33, is a famous actress in Albania. She was born into an artistic family and studied theater in Paris. 

Prince Leka, 34, graduated from the British military academy Sandhurst and has held advisory positions to the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The prince Leka regularly employs to defend "strong contribution" of his family on "the question of Albania and Kosovo," the small neighboring country mainly populated by Albanians. 

Albanian royal family has no status and the monarchist party has no weight in the country's political life. One descendant of Zog I, Leka is 17th in the order of protocol of the country.

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