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воскресенье, 2 октября 2016 г.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, a right granted

The Brangelina couple found an agreement regarding the custody of their six children.
For nearly two weeks, the planet people alive with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. Each tent, through a lawyer, to break through the defense of the other; the advantage will be. Because the objective is simple: here not about money, the inestimable fortune are the 6 children.

But after days of fierce battle, the couple found a temporary agreement on custody of their offspring. According to information from the site TMZ, the 52 year-old actor has preferred to resume negotiations rather than go to court and to wash dirty linen in public.

A first visit with a psychiatrist

Between the two stars, tension rose a notch. Brad Pitt is convinced that lawyers Angie voluntarily released its dispute with Maddox, the eldest son of the couple, to overwhelm in a media worldwide. Since the star of "World War Z" is the subject of an investigation conducted by the FBI and must follow the recommendations of the social services in Los Angeles.But what matters for Brad; the most important is his children. He wants more than any in the near future have shared custody.
So Brad accepted the conditions of Angelina. The arrangement is this: until 20 October, the six children remain in the custody of their mother, and will reside in the new house in Malibu Angie. Brad will have access;the first will also be carried out under the supervision of a psychiatrist who will determine if he can see his children in the future freely. In addition, the actor must comply with drug testing and alcohol, Angelina remaining convinced that it is still dependent on these substances and that this dependence which led to its violence.

The actress nevertheless ensures that it will not complaint against Brad.She just wants to protect her children.

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