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воскресенье, 23 октября 2016 г.

Bloggers and YouTubers: new priestesses of beauty

They are called influenceuses. Stylish and ultraconnectées these young bloggers and YouTubers have such an influence on their followers that the major brands of makeup and stylists can not do without them. Meet the new stars as affordable as a good friend.

Blogger likes to have plenty of choice. Betty Autier has only 506 pairs of shoes and 102 pairs of glasses! We know almost all of his life, joys, sorrows, gestures and habits ... She opened her blog there nearly ten years and has quickly established itself in the big league with 1.5 million fans on social networks. From 2012, she created her Betty handbag to Lancaster, then it collaborates with Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Boucheron, becomes ambassador of Chanel Coco Cocoon bag ... Betty takes the leading parades, crowd the red carpet of Cannes for Dior and was photographed by Terry Richardson. In perfect autoentrepreneuse, it reveals itself, in 2014, earning 41,000 euros a month. "I said stupidly the question and I regret it. In the US, it is not taboo for a blogger to reveal his salary. It is even an indicator of popularity, "says the star selfies to 10000 per year. The young woman of 33 years has just released a book and will create its website: "The blog is not responsive enough. I prefer the instant media like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter ... With my website, I put on something more timeless. "She is also working on its own brand of clothing and trains secretly music. But Betty is a nostalgia that is not separated from his film camera: "The pictures on paper that is noble. With my iPhone, I spend my life to do, but those that haunt my memory are glossy. "In a world where everything moves fast, photographs as necessary as once reassuring values.

In the videos of these queens of style, speaking as makeup tutorials, we make records of the meetings shopping

They, they are the stars of the image and the camera: they are calledEnjoyPhoenix , Horia, Sananas Lea I'm not pretty, Emma CakeCup Clara Channel ... These influenceuses YouTubers together millions of fans.Digital Natives Generation Z, each has its own YouTube channel. "They do not play and they are like us, says Sarah, 18, are not inaccessible actresses. They always give us good advice and are funny. Their good mood is a loophole. "In the videos of these queens of style, speaking as makeup tutorials, we make records of shopping sessions. They advise the latest shower gel smell of madeleine and distill the magic tricks for perfect make-up removal ... They share travel, little problems and great happiness.

The atmosphere was hysterical when an influenceuse appeared surrounded by his bodyguards

Virginia Mayor Finder Studios Director, surfed on the trend. She ditched her job attached release to improvise 2.0 agent. She advises those YouTubers, helps them manage their image and tries to protect them from hackers. In May, Virginia Mayor inaugurated the first Beauty Salon Get. She connected together 70 stars who were accumulating alone over 1.5 billion videos and nearly 20 million subscribers. The 10,000 tickets were snapped within hours and 200,000 connections in record time were bugging the server. There, the atmosphere was hysterical, strident cries and crowd movements as soon as a influenceuse appeared surrounded of his bodyguards. To get an autograph and the famous hug (hug) of one of them, we had to wait two hours. In the tail, mothers trying to understand this strange phenomenon: "It's still weird to consider a sister someone you only see behind a screen and with whom you have no direct exchange, right?" asks the mother. Another tempers: "I do not mind, but I am attentive to YouTubers that my 11 year old daughter follows. The idols, it has always existed and it was never dangerous. By cons, mobile table is prohibited. "

HORIA In full makeup tutorial session.© DR
But these influenceuses also courted by brands who love these seeds of genius capable of rain and sunshine at the click of the fashion and beauty world. They have an undeniable power to the fans. Most are still students, others have chosen as Betty Autier to do their job. Most Influential can earn a lot of money when they combine partnerships and advertisements.On YouTube, one million views for a video generates 1000 dollars. At the last Cannes Film Festival, L'Oreal had dedicated their evening and these YouTubers stole the show with movie stars. helicopter arrived. Sananas, Peekabooo, Noholita and all other illuminated steps. "When they come to Cannes, they are living their users behind the scenes live. It is a way to thank them. So there is nothing shocking to see a YouTuber in Cannes, "says Mayor Virginia. For her, "the influenceuses never transform themselves into billboards. They are transparent. That's brands to adapt, learn new vocabulary and leave them without formatting. "

Emma Cakecup exchange with his fans on Instagram.© DR
In recent years, many houses are betting on these promising talents.There are five, Franck Provost has created a department dedicated to digital and Olivia Provost, communications director, their role is invaluable: "These girls have managed to establish codes, a leg and an inimitable tone. But above all, they have great credibility with their users. Unlike other brands, we offer unpaid collaborations because we consider that, like journalists must remain credible and indépendantes.Mais it difficult to fight about this new practice offers windfall contracts. "

Creating Beauty TUBE, the first beauty academy in connection with YouTube, L'Oréal proves that the future will not be without them. The school wants to support these talents with experts Web video, installation, expertise and management of hearings. They must master the aesthetic and almost all spend hours tweaking their videos. Leah I'm not pretty confides: "My community is worth all the gold in the world. We have young girls who watch our videos and I am conscious of this responsibility. I am surrounded by a medical team that I consult when I discuss health topics. "As Betty Autier, she released a book. His father took care of graphics and his mother played the editor. "My family is reassuring. I hate to lose control and, with them, I Know Where I'm Going!.A book is a beautiful object that appeals to the senses. "In this world ultraconnecté Lea desperate to keep feet on the ground. 

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