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понедельник, 10 октября 2016 г.

Celine Dion: "I'm still in love with Rene"

Saturday, October 8, Celine Dion rose for the 1000th time on stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. And like every night, the singer was thinking of her late husband, Rene, she still loves. 

It is thinking of René - who died in January, suites from cancer - Celine Dion took the stage Saturday, October 8th. Every night, she sent a sign to her late husband backstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, before starting his show. The 1000th in Las Vegas, where she made her first concert in 2003. In total: more than 4 million spectators came to listen to Celine Dion on this stage, a record, the singer joined legends like Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra . 
For the occasion, the chain CBS has made a report about Celine Dion, following the singer before his concert and behind the scenes, and an exclusive interview where she says her husband Rene Angelil. "Before he died, it was very, very difficult for all of us," he told Celine Dion. "For me in particular, and for our children. See the man of my life go out a little more every day. And when he left us, it was kind of a relief for me for the man I love, the only man I ever loved, "adding,." I've never kissed another man in my life."
My life is no shortage of love
Celine Dion is back on her relationship with Rene, a symbiotic relationship since becoming his manager and brought him to the top. "The man of my life was my partner, we were one. So when he ceased to suffer, I thought it was best. He deserved not to have trouble. "And Celine Dion think could never fall in love. "Not now. I love him, I love him, I love him. I'm still in love [René] and I love my children. I also love my fans. I love the people I work with. My life is not lack of love. " 
René and continues to accompany him in his life, on stage. "You see this song Sia" I go to sleep "?" Asked Dion to CBS reporter before singing "I'm going to bed and I imagine that you are with me." She confessed: "I it's the same, I'm going to bed with him. And I go on stage with him. I'm still married to him. "

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