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воскресенье, 2 октября 2016 г.

CHEEKY Girl : 'Frenzied' sex of Lembit's pop star lover

CHEEKY Girl Gabriela Irimia slipped out of her tiny golden hotpants for "frenzied" sex in a hotel room with her Hollyoaks hunk lover.

It was fast, frantic and fantastic—but Andrew Newton-Lee has some bad news for her new man, MP Lembit Opik.
During his five-month fling with the singer, they only ever made love that one timebecause they could never get away from her MUM.
Gabriela, 24, has boasted to the News of the World of sexy sessions with Lembit, 41, who broke up with his TV weathergirl fiancée Sian Lloyd (pictured below) in October.
But Andy, 25, says the Liberal Democrat should make the most of any fun he gets with the Transylvanian tease.
"She is sexy, beautiful and intelligent, but finding time away from her mum Margit or her twin sister Monica is tricky," he told the News of the World.

"Gabi would snuggle up to me, kiss me and show me her cheeky side, but getting away from her mother for anything more than a quick kiss was a nightmare."
The pair finally got it together when he was on tour with the girls in Leeds and Margit was in London.
Andy said: "Only her stepdad was there and he was much more lenient than her mum.


"We all had some drinks in the hotel bar, then Gabi and I made up some excuse to nip to the room.
"We both knew what we wanted and we also knew we didn't have long to do it.
"We got into the lift and started kissing straight away.
"She was so hot and was wearing a pair of her trademark little gold hotpants.
"As soon as we were out of sight we were all over each other. It was months of pent-up sexual frustration unleashed in a few lust-filled moments.
"Her body is incredible, with silky smooth skin and firm breasts. It wasn't long-lived but it was passionate and frenzied because we were scared of being caught.
"I got a glimpse of the sexual animal she could be...if it wasn't for her mum.
"I'm glad we took that opportunity because we never got a chance again. We never had a moment alone."
And Andy had these words of warning for Lembit: "You might think you're living the dream with an amazingly sexual woman with a body to die for but she will be like a forbidden fruit with Mum around."
Margit is also the girls' manager and mastermind behind a string of top ten hits, including The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum).
Lembit met Gabriela at a showbiz do in October and had his last stormy date with Sian on December 6—the night he and Gabriela first had sex.
Sian, who is twice Gabriela's age, described his new romance as a "pantomime".

But Andy, who is starring in Dick Whittington in Blackpool, says things will only get dramatic because of her mum.
He said: "One night we were going to go out to Funky Buddha club in London. I'd arranged a car so she was safe, told her mum where we were going and got it all cleared.
"But then at the last minute she said we couldn't go out alone.
"It was ridiculous, but to be expected from her.
"That night in December, 2004, we were seen kissing at Funky Buddha and Margit thought it was great. She wanted us to do deals with glossy magazines to promote the girls.
"She just wants them to be a success, but she is so over the top that any man who is with them wouldn't get a chance of a sex life. Unless they wanted mother there too!"
Earlier this month, Gabriela told the News of the World of her sizzling sex life with the MP and boasted: "The more we make love the better it gets!"
She described stripping off to cuddle up with him at his Westminster flat and her parents' home and was thrilled when they finally had full sex.
Andy, who played Robbie Flynn in Hollyoaks, suffered months of frustration after first meeting her in a London club.


He said: "I got off with her for a laugh to begin with, then I got to know her and she was lovely.
"On stage it is all an act. All the giddiness and stupidity between her and her sister isn't the real her.
"Gabi's really intelligent and up close she is sexy.
"I suppose that is good for a politician's girlfriend, but I am surprised by her choice as she always went out with hotter, younger guys than Lembit.
"She may show him a thing or too though. She is a vibrant extrovert who is always up for a laugh and, if her mum is pleased, it should work!
"The Cheeky Girls is a business to her mum and Gabi took herself seriously as a role model. Margit told her she shouldn't been seen clambering into cars out of clubs and she listened."

So far the Welsh MP seems to be getting on well with his girl's mum.
Margit said: "For me it is peace of mind that she has found Lembit because he is not one of those youngsters falling around in clubs.
"Lembit has been to our house in East Sussex. He stayed the night and had a great time.
"We've got an Irish wolfhound. It acts as the girls' bodyguard, but Lembit bought him some treats and they got on really well. Now they're both like members of the family."
Sounds like Lembit's in the doghouse already.

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