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четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

Divorce Brangelina: Maddox refuses to see his father

There are a few days, Brad Pitt has seen his children. Except for his elder brother, Maddox.
In early October, the "People" magazine revealed that the Brangelina pairafter weeks of battle had found a temporary agreement: Angelina Jolie were in the custody of the six children of the couple, Brad Pitt only a right;the first under the supervision of a therapist and social services. Two weeks later, the star of 52 years has seen her children twice ... but not all!

Indeed, according to the "People" magazine, Brad still would not have seen her eldest son Maddox, who categorically refuse to see him. The young 15 year old, first adopted by Angelina before Brad does not recognize him as his son in turn, did not wish to be present at the two meetings held.

Why ?

Maddox would he want his father to this separation? Would it still smarting their altercation in the private jet, September 14? Occurred during a flight between France and the United States, the alleged incident - told by TMZ - would have seen Brad Pitt, half drunk, having a heated discussion with Angie on board the aircraft. Maddox would then interposed and would have suffered the wrath of his father. It was after this heated argument Angelina divorced, four days later while requiring the exclusive request of children.
An appointment with the judge and lawyers for both actors is scheduled for October 20 to decide on the custody arrangements of their six children. But at age 15, under California law, Maddox is old enough to decide whether he wants to live with his father. According to a friend of the couple, it "would be very close to his mother and did not really consider as the son of Brad Pitt." Beyond have chosen sides, the link appears broken.

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