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суббота, 8 октября 2016 г.

Eating too much salt: how to get rid of this bad habit?

You add salt systematically already in your savory dishes? It's wrong, but you can fix it. Follow these tips to bid farewell to this harmful habit.

Reading the title of this article, you clicked. And for a simple reason: like most of us, you ingest each day much more salt than what is officially recommended by the various public health organizations. Understand less than 6.5 g of salt for women and less than 8 g for men, according to the National Nutrition and Health Programme (PNNS). So you will take back some tips to lighten your plate?

Re-educate his palate

This course is for your health . If the substance is essential to the functioning of the body, the excess is fatal: "Salt increases blood pressure and promotes hypertension, a disease which itself promotes cardiovascular complications," says the nutritionist Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache . If the game is worth the candle, wean his palace taste can resemble an obstacle course: "Depending on people dishabituation and rehabilitation of the palace can take from several weeks to several months. Not to mention that the more savory eats, the more one wants, "says the doctor.

No need to declare the end of the salt shaker throwing her in the trash. The challenge is to go for growth via two action areas: the kitchen and the hidden salts in various food products. "70 to 80% of the salt we ingest daily is invisible because it comes from the foods themselves," informed the site Figaro Health in June 2016 Prof. François Delahaye, a cardiologist at the Louis Pradel Hospital in Lyon and vice president of the French Federation of cardiology.

Steam cooking preserves and rinsing

We begin by limiting the so-called food "industrial" , ready meals and biscuits in mind, because the salt used are conservative and flavor enhancer. At the supermarket, pay attention to the labels: "Multiply the sodium content by 2.5 to determine the amount of salt in the product. Do not exceed 5 g, "says Dr. Chicheportiche-Ayache.

It is also careful not to over-consumption of condiments (mustard, ketchup, salad dressings) and reducing the use of industrial broths. "In terms of cooking, prefer steam, it preserves the taste, thus limiting the need for salt. If possible, also rinse canned foods before using them, "advises nutritionist. Always remember to use all the seasoning variations that are not salted. Go for the excellent spices for health as turmeric , ginger, curry, but also onions, garlic , or algae . At the end of therapy, try to banish the salt shaker from the table.

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